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LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiling and is one of the fastest-growing flooring options available on the market today. In effect, it is a vinyl surface with a similar style to other materials such as real wood or stone flooring. Looking for Luxury Vinyl tiling supplies in Tunbridge Wells, we are the experts!

However, LVT not only has a similar look to these surfaces, but it also has numerous advantages that these materials can’t provide.

What is LVT?

Made from multiple layers of PVC vinyl, it also uses additional compounds in order to add hardness to the surface. 

We know during the manufacturing process all vinyl sheets are compressed, liquid suspended and then dried in order to toughen the material.

A top layer can then be embossed, adding details. This allows for a more realistic style that can mimic other materials such as stone or wood. The final process is to fully protect the product, a vinyl and urethane coating is applied. 


LVT is waterproof,  making it a versatile material for both residential and commercial applications. It is very durable, as well as being warmer than other comparable materials and being softer. Here at Affordable Flooring Solutions, we have a vast array of design options available. 

So you can choose from a near-limitless array of colours that can be best suited to the particular look that you have in mind.


2mm vinyl planks to 6mm thick, is common, compared to laminate floors that can often be as much as 7-12mm. 

This also means that installing LVT can be less disruptive for areas such as skirting or shower trays.


LVT is ideal for rooms such as bathrooms due to the fact it does not absorb moisture and therefore won’t expand over time. 

We also recommend businesses like hair salons or yoga studios, where moisture absorption is frequently an issue. 


Affordable Flooring Solutions can install LVT via a loose lay click setup. Gary at Affordable Flooring Solutions mentions “We prefer to recommend a flat lay system using specialist bonding techniques.”

Affordable Flooring has worked hard not just in terms of quality products and services. But also in maintaining a strong relationship with our customers and working hard to maintain customer satisfaction. 

We want to help you get more from your flooring. So to find out more contact us today so we can go over all the options available.

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