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All the floor preparation services you need in one place.

We know before installing a new flooring surface, it is important that the sub-floor is properly prepared. Proper floor preparation can help prevent long term problems with your surfacesSo it is worth using our services and help you get the most from your floor.

Long term issues

Our experience tells us if a floor is not properly prepared, a lot of problems can occur. These may not be immediately obvious, but they can happen over a period of time. This can include the floor becoming uneven, the surface starting to peel or bubbles appearing. Floor preparation is vital!

The process

The process of preparing the surface involves the removal of the current flooring. 

The subfloor itself sometimes needs to be properly prepared so that materials can be placed on top of it.

This can vary according to some different factors, such as the type of subfloor and its current condition, the exposure and what kind of coating system will be used on the surface.

Among other things, this can include the very basics such as clearing away adhesives, paint or sealants to slightly more involved processes such as leveling or smoothing a floor by preparing it with the appropriate screed or ply/hardboard. A professional will be able to do this quickly, safely and effectively. If done correctly, the surface will be smooth and clean without any further damage done to the subfloor underneath.

Cracks or holes can affect the stability of the surface. Furthermore, any new surface that is laid out will deteriorate much faster, resulting in you having to replace it more often and meaning more costs in the long term. In short, it pays to make sure that your floor is properly prepared.

We know the importance of properly prepared floors and want to make sure you get the full use of your floor. 

If you would like to discuss our floor preparation service in more detail, please contact us today so we can see how we can get your surface ready for a new floor.

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