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Trend Spot: Imitation Wooden Floors

3 mins | Laminate | Sep 9, 2021

Wooden floors have always been popular. However, in recent years there has been a turn towards using imitation wooden floors instead. Looking for wood style laminate flooring near me? Here at Affordable Flooring Solutions, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive deeper into the trend of wooden floors.

Looking for wood style laminate flooring ?

A quick history of wooden floors

Wood has been used as flooring for over 400 years. The origins of wooden flooring are in America during the Colonial era. Large, roughly cut pieces of wood were placed to create makeshift floors and left unfinished. It was not until the mid-1700s that the first attempts were made to ‘finish’ the wood with wax.

The Baroque era saw the arrival of wooden floors into European homes. These were mostly very simple plank designs. In France, however, it was a different story. The French nobility wanted a new type of extravagant wooden floor to display in their homes. Craftsmen devised this flooring that quickly became known as ‘Parquet’.

Parquet floors were created with small, intricately cut pieces of wood that were put together to create geometric patterns. These beautiful floors quickly became hugely fashionable amongst the wealthy. Looking for parquet laminate flooring near me? Get in touch today to find out more.

The industrial revolution led to greater advancements in the lumber mill industry. Wooden floors could be manufactured quickly and with a good quality finish, essential for domestic demand.

After dominating the market for many years, wooden floors had some competition in the 1920s from cork and linoleum floors.

Today, wooden floors remain popular. However, many people are now turning to LVT, laminate or vinyl imitations of wooden floors.

Why imitation wood?

It may seem counterintuitive to install imitation wooden floors, but it is actually a very smart move. Wooden floors are hard to maintain. They constantly need maintenance and are at risk from rotting or water damage. Having wooden floors often means you have to avoid being barefoot as they can create splinters. Another slight disadvantage to wooden floors is that they can be easily scratched by paws and claws. This makes them a poor choice if you have pets or a busy household.

By opting for a wood-style LVT, vinyl or laminate floor, you can get the great look of wood without having to worry about maintenance. Trying to find laminate flooring near me? You’ve just met your match with AFS!

Imitation wood floorings are on the rise in popularity. They come in a huge range of colours and styles- so there’s something for everyone!

How to style imitation wood floors

What’s so great about imitation wooden floors is that they have an incredible timeless look. This makes them super easy to style as they can go with any room or décor. If you are working with a smaller space, try a lighter coloured floor. Lighter toned floors can make a space feel bigger. Darker coloured floors can make a space feel warmer and give an industrial style look that is very popular. Looking for laminate flooring near me? Contact AFS today to get all the details you need.

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