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Introducing our manufacturers: Balta

3 mins | Latest News | Aug 13, 2021

At AFS, we want to provide the very best service and products for your property. And what better place to start than at the source! We want to dive deeper into a different manufacturer- Balta. Do you really need to go to a carpet store? We offer a wide range of carpets and styles and can send samples to your door?

Who are they?

The Balta Group is renowned as a professional, customer-focused business that excels in the manufacture of carpet and rugs for homes and businesses.

They have nearly 4,000 employees across the world. They are determined to innovate their products and positively impact people’s daily and working lives. 

Balta carpets is the European market leader for tufted and woven wall-to-wall carpet- in both synthetic and wool yarn.

Balta carpets is always up with the latest trends and has a flexible customer service driven approach. From raw material to finished product, a dedicated and motivated management team oversee everything. In this way, you can guarantee the highest quality product at the most competitive price.

Their vision is very similar to ours here at Affordable Flooring Solutions. Balta wants to give you beautiful designs at affordable prices!


They have a wide selection of products that are sorted into 3 categories:


These are carpets that combine practicality with comfort. It offers complete protection against stains! The fibres absorb no moisture, dirt and any liquids spilt do not penetrate the fibre. When spills and splashes inevitably happen. They can be easily wiped away with no worries. The carpets are also 100% polypropylene which means they are bleach cleanable. Stainsafe can guarantee you a trouble-free carpet for many years.


The Leonis carpets combine the Stainsafe technology with a luxuriously soft feel underfoot. Every Leonis carpet has a silken sheen that adds an extra touch of sophistication in any setting. Amazingly soft, strikingly beautiful and impressively tough, this carpet is set to become a firm household favourite. 


With a durable two-ply twist yarn, X-Tron carpets are perfect for busy homes and high wear areas. They create a warm, comfortable and inviting floor in hallways and on stairs. In fact, anywhere where a more durable and beautiful carpet is needed.

Balta’s ‘Made in Heaven’ collection is also great if you’re looking for deeply luxurious carpets. It combines incredible softness with practicality. Using the latest eco-friendly polyester fibres, the collection is designed to withstand the pressures of modern life.

Balta also manufactures Woolmaster carpets. These carpets are renewable and are great if you’re looking for a more natural carpet fibre. A carpet made of pure new wool stands the test of time by permanently regenerating itself. They are the perfect, long-lasting option.

Here at AFSm not only do we stock these amazing products, but we also professionally install them. You can save time by avoiding the carpet stores. Interested in having a Balta carpet installed in your home? Contact us today to order a sample and get a free quote.

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