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To Demand Something as Part of an Agreement

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Partial termination means the termination of some, but not all, of the work that has not been completed and accepted under a contract. Parent heading: Federal Acquisitions Regulations 2,000 Scope of the exhibit. (a) This part – (1) Defines the words and terms commonly used in far; (2) Provides references to other definitions in the FAR of the same word or term; and (3) Provides for the inclusion of these definitions in invitations and contracts by reference. (b) Other parts, subsections and sections of these Rules (Chapter 1 of 48 CFR) may define other words or terms, and such definitions apply only to the part, subpart or section in which the word or term is defined. Subsection 2.1 – Definitions 2.101 Definitions. (a) a word or term defined in this Section has the same meaning in this Regulation (48 CFR Chapter 1), unless (1) the context in which the word or term is used clearly requires a different meaning; or (2) Another part, subsection or FAR section contains a different definition of that part or part of the exhibit. (b) If a word or term defined in this section is defined differently in another part, subdivision or section of these Regulations (Chapter 1 of 48 CFR), the definition in – (1) This section contains a reference to the other definitions; and (2) This Part, subdivision or division applies to the word or term when used in that part, subdivision or division. Acquisition is the contractual acquisition of supplies or services (including works) by and for the use of the Confederation by purchase or lease, whether the supplies or services already exist or are to be created, developed, proven and evaluated. Procurement begins when the organization`s needs are identified and includes a description of the requirements to meet the organization`s needs, source demand and selection, contract awarding, contract funding, contract performance, contract management, and technical and management functions directly related to the process of meeting the organization`s needs through a contract.

Procurement planning refers to the process by which the efforts of all employees responsible for an acquisition are coordinated and integrated through a comprehensive plan to meet the needs of the organization in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. It includes the development of the overall strategy for the management of the acquisition. The Activity Address Code (AAC) refers to a unique six-position code consisting of a combination of alphabetic and/or numeric characters assigned by the General Services Administration for civilian agencies and the Ministry of Defense for defense agencies to identify specific agency offices, units, activities, or organizations. Adequate evidence is sufficient information to support the reasonable assumption that a particular act or omission took place. Advisory and support services are services provided under contracts entered into by non-governmental sources to support or improve: the development of organizational policy; decision-making; management and administration; Management and administration of programmes and/or projects; or R&D activities. It may also include providing professional advice or support to improve the effectiveness of federal management processes or procedures (including those of a technical and technical nature). In the provision of the above-mentioned services, results may take the form of information, advice, opinions, alternatives, analyses, evaluations, recommendations, training and daily assistance to auxiliary personnel necessary for the successful conduct of ongoing federal operations. All consulting and support services are divided into one of the following definition subdivisions: (1) Management and professional support services, that is, contractual services that provide support, advice or training for the efficient and effective management and operation of organizations, activities (including management and support services for R&D activities) or systems. These services are generally closely linked to the agency`s core responsibilities and mandate, which gives rise to the requirement to purchase services by contract. This includes efforts that support or contribute to the improvement of the organization of program management, logistics management, project monitoring and reporting, data collection, budgeting, accounting, performance auditing and administrative technical support for conferences and training programs.

(2) Studies, analyses and evaluations, i.e. contractual services that provide analytical assessments organised to support policy development, decision-making, management or administration. Also included are studies to support R&D activities. Also included is the collection of models, methods and associated software that support studies, analyses or evaluations. (3) Engineering and technical services, i.e. contractual services used to support the Programme Office during the supply cycle by providing services such as systems engineering and technical management (see 9.505-1 (b)) to ensure the effective operation and maintenance of a weapons system or a major system as defined in OMB Circular No. A-109, or to provide direct support to a weapons system essential to research; Development, production, operation or maintenance of the system. Affiliates are affiliates or individuals when one controls or may directly or indirectly control the other; or controls performed by third parties or capable of controlling both, except for the following: (1) For use in subsection 9.4, see definition in section 9.403.

(2) For the use of related undertakings in dimensioning, see the definition of “small business concern” in this section. Head of Agency or “Head of Agency” means the Secretary, Attorney General, Administrator, Governor, President or other senior official of an executive agency, including any deputy or deputy principal official of an executive agency, unless otherwise specified. Alternatively, a substantial modification of a fundamental provision or clause required for application in certain circumstances means. It supplements part of the basic provision or clause with wording, deletes it or replaces certain formulations. The alternative version of a provision or clause is the basic provision or clause as amended by addition, deletion or replacement (see 52.105(a)). Architectural engineering services as defined in 40 U.S.C. Assignment of receivables is the transfer or transfer of the Contractor`s right to payment by the Government for the performance of the contract by a bank, trust company or other financial institution as security for a loan to the Contractor. Sustained acquisition means a type of inter-agency acquisition in which a service agency carries out acquisition activities on behalf of an applicant agency, such as. B the award and management of a contract, mission order or supply order.

Basic research means that research aims to expand scientific knowledge. The main objective of basic research is a more complete knowledge or understanding of the subject being studied and not a practical application of that knowledge. Best value means the expected result of an acquisition that the government believes offers the greatest overall benefit in response to the requirement. Auction Template means a sample product that must be submitted by a bidder to show the characteristics of the products offered that cannot be adequately described by specifications, purchase descriptions or tendering (e.g.B. balance, ease of use or sample). .

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