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The Tariff Treatment Code for the Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement Is

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3. As of 10 May 2021, importers of qualified goods will no longer be able to use the special authority code number 21-1-85 to benefit from the correct duties and will periodically complete their customs code B3-3, Canada, and insert the UKT code in box 14 “Customs treatment”. 8. Please note that with the now valid UKT tariff processing code “34”, the specification of the special authority code “21-1-85” is no longer required and has now been deactivated. Customs Notice 21-07 states that importers should use a special authorisation code “21-1-85” for import declarations in order to claim preferential tariff treatment for goods qualified as a transitional measure until the Uniform Customs Treatment Code for the UKT is available at a later date. It also includes information on the proof of origin and shipping requirements, as well as the four-year repayment period under the continuity agreement. the scope of the products on that list shall be determined in accordance with the CN codes set out in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1101/2014 on the management of beef and veal in the United Kingdom and on tariff quotas for pigmeat under this Agreement 2. For each of the four quarters of the marketing year, 25 % of the annual quantity of the tariff quota shall be made available to licence applications. 16(1) The definition of a free trade partner in subsection 2(1) of the Export and Import Permits Act is amended by amending “or” at the end of paragraph (b), adding “or” at the end of paragraph (c) and adding the following after paragraph (c): Details of the CUKFTA Agreement can be found on the Canada-United Kingdom (Canada-UK TCA) Global Affairs Business Continuity Agreement website. The CBSA has implemented Special Authority Code 21-1-85 for eligible goods. The CBSA introduced tariff treatment code 34. To claim preferential treatment under the new UKT, code TT 34 can be used for all eligible goods imported into Canada on or after April 1, 2021 under cuktca. (19) As regards the tariff quotas referred to in paragraphs 12, 13, 14 and 16, the following conversion factors are used to convert the weight of the product into carcase weight equivalent: textiles and clothing imported from the United Kingdom under the CUKTCA origin quotas are subject to import controls in accordance with the Canadian Export and Import Authorisation Act and require an import authorisation for benefit from preferential tariff treatment under the CUKTCA.

(b) those other products are exported to a cuktca beneficiary and are subject to a preferential tariff duty on importation into that country under the Agreement on The Continuity of Trade between Canada and the United Kingdom. 2. Under the Agreement on the Continuity of Trade between Canada and the United Kingdom (CUKTCA), which comes into force on April 1, 2021, eligible goods from the United Kingdom, including the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, may be claimed under the United Kingdom Customs Tariff (UKT), Customs Treatment Code 34. 7. Under cuktca, a new preferential tariff treatment is introduced, namely the United Kingdom Tariff (UKT). To qualify, importers must complete Form B3-3, Canada Customs Coding Form, as follows: (c) any other imported or imported good used as material, or any class of such goods that, on the recommendation of the Minister, may be prescribed by the Governor of the Council on the basis of an agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United Kingdom. Amendments to agreements incorporated in accordance with point 30.8.3, as amended by Annex 30-B, and amendments to Annex 30-B are set out in Part C of this Annex. The UK is expected to publish its trade targets and launch a consultation process before formal negotiations begin later this spring.

Minister Ng has already expressed support for the UK`s accession to the CPTPP. For eligible goods, the special authorisation code 21-1-85 shall be entered in box 26 of customs document B3-7. According to CUKTCA, a new preferential tariff treatment will be introduced, namely the United Kingdom Tariff (UKT). Due to system restrictions, the UKT-specific tariff treatment code will be available to importers at a later date and will be announced via a separate customs notice. In the meantime, importers of qualified goods of a CUKTCA beneficiary may invoke Special Authorization Code 21-1-85 to benefit from preferential tariff treatment. This code applies to goods imported from the entry into force of the CUKTCA, as mentioned in paragraph 1 above, until the entry into force of the UKT Customs Treatment Code. 49 The list of intermediate and final rates of intermediate category `F` tariff headings set out in the schedule to the Act is amended by adding in numerical order the tariff headings listed in Schedule 3 to that Act. The new United Kingdom Customs Processing Code (UKT) “34” In preparation for the upcoming trade negotiations, the Canadian government is asking the public to contribute to the terms of trade between Canada and the United Kingdom, including the potential impacts and opportunities that a bilateral trade agreement between Canada and the United Kingdom could have on the Canadian labour market, as well as in terms of environment and gender. Additional Note:Products falling within tariff heading 9971.00.00 – United Kingdom Quarterly sub-periods with carry-over between periods for unused tariff quota quantities The CETA Protocol on Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures continues to apply when preferential tariff treatment under CUKTCA is claimed.

Preferential treatment is based on an origin declaration and not on a formal certificate of origin for goods originating from 1st. April 2021 between California and the United Kingdom. (6) For the avoidance of doubt, the dates preceding the entry into force of this Agreement are intended to calculate the differentiated intermediate duties applicable after the entry into force of this Agreement and do not provide for retroactive preferential duties before the entry into force of this Agreement. (e) in the columns “Preferential duty/initial duty” and “Preferential tariff/final duty”, after the abbreviation “UKT”, add, for each tariff item listed in Schedule 2 to this Law, the customs duties and the categories of breakdown provided for in that tariff item for that tariff item. 1. The general principle is that the management of tariff quotas should be as conducive as possible to trade. In particular, it shall not affect or nullify market access obligations negotiated by the parties; it must be transparent and predictable, minimise transaction costs for operators, maximise fill rates and aim to avoid potential speculation. (e) Removing barriers to trade in goods and services in order to contribute to the harmonious development and expansion of world and regional trade; The Government will accept written submissions by April 27, 2021. Interested parties should use this opportunity to help shape Canada`s future trade relationship with the United Kingdom […].

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