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The Five Agreements Don Miguel

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The Four Accords were published© in 1997 and have sold approximately 9 million copies. It has been on the New York Times bestseller list for nearly a decade. Everything we do is based on agreements we have made – agreements with ourselves, with other people, with God, with life. But the most important agreements are those we make with ourselves. All four chords have been printed for years and attached to my fridge. The words are relevant and wise and help me live a life with less stress and grief. It delves deeply into the problems that many of us experience in our daily lives. This is one of those “must reads”! I love how trips to small shops will lead you to something you might need. I hope you will enjoy my summary of the agreements. Maybe you`ll buy it on your next trip to the bookstore. For those who have it, it may be a little boost to reopen it.

This practical guide complements Ruiz`s first book on the 4 chords. It has returned to the basics of common sense in the Toltec way and can be applied by anyone and anyone. Really inspiring and simple and all the more pleasant when you hear them through the chocolate tones of Peter Coyote`s voice. Highly recommended. In part 1 of this 2-part video, we learn about the “domestication” of man and how all the rules and values of our family and society are imposed on us by a system of punishment and reward. As young children, our true nature is to love and be happy, to explore and enjoy life; we are absolutely authentic. But then we learn to be what others think we “should” be, and because it`s not acceptable for us to be who we are, we start pretending to be what we aren`t. When we are teenagers, we have learned to judge ourselves, to punish ourselves and to reward ourselves according to agreements we have never chosen. The Four Accords help us break self-limiting agreements and replace them with agreements that bring us freedom, happiness and love. In The Four Agreements, a New York Times bestseller for more than seven years, Don Miguel Ruiz revealed how the process of our upbringing, or “domestication,” can make us forget the wisdom with which we were born. Throughout our lives, we make many agreements that go against ourselves and cause unnecessary suffering. The Four Accords help us break these self-limiting agreements and replace them with agreements that bring us personal freedom, happiness and love.

Now, Don Miguel Ruiz joins his son Don Jose Ruiz to offer a new perspective on the Four Accords and a powerful new agreement to transform our lives into our personal paradise: the Fifth Agreement. The Fifth Agreement takes us to a deeper level of self-power awareness and brings us back to the authenticity with which we were born. In this captivating sequel to the book that has changed the lives of millions of people around the world, we remember the greatest gift we can give ourselves: the freedom to be who we really are. Much of the book is a summary of the 4 chords, which is nice to check out, but not new content. The 5. The agreement that I will not spoil for those who do not know it is a principle that I already apply in my life, and it is a good principle, but it is a principle that should also be applied to the teachings of this book and even to all the teachings. I enjoyed the book and love the wisdom of it, but I found some of the claims unreasonable and found myself applying the 5th agreement. As rules of life, the 5 chords are valuable and worth looking for. I do not know how useful or valuable the enlargement of the 5th agreement has been once you know what it is. It would probably have been helpful to dive deep into cognitive biases, as he mainly refers to them. The biblical references/analogies and spiritual stories were a bit intimidating to me, but didn`t cancel the message of the book.

The book itself is great and I would definitely recommend it if you haven`t read all four chords. And I would recommend it on 4 chords, but seriously 80% of the book is more of the same. So definitely buy one of them, but not both. A good continuation of the four chords Totally she liked the two Excellent work of Peter Coyote Thank you This book is not only a review of the four chords plus the fifth. This is a reformulation of the first four chords, but much more detailed and in more common language. I was first drawn to Toltec wisdom through Carlos Castaneda`s series “The Teachings of Don Juan… ” attentive. and they were impressive, but they seemed to be distant wisdom inaccessible in a distant world/time shrouded in mystery, etc. Then, Merylin Tenneshende`s book “Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy” took the next step in making wisdom more tangible to the masses.

Then Don Miguel Ruiz published “The Four Accords” and he gained great popularity in his deep power to help people change their lives. It has served many people for such a transformation. This is a MUST in itself. And now. This new book “The Fifth Accord… ” is a culmination of the Ruiz family to reach this level of clear communication of these Toltec teachings for all. He speaks the teachings in such a concise, direct, simple language with a wonderfully contemporary style. Excellent! (Impeccably speaking) In my opinion, it`s worth it! Fascinated by the Four Chords, I moved on to the next book, The Fifth Accord, which contains an appropriate title that contains another chord that can point the way to a higher state of being. The book is easy to read, and the agreements or rules are truly enforceable and effective. When practiced, chords can change your perspective and life in profound ways. 5/5. Amazing. I must say that Don Miguel Ruiz is currently my favorite writer in spirituality/philosophy/personal development.

The 4 chords changed my life and it`s a great sequel. .

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