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Taylor and Francis Jisc Agreement

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Articles with corresponding authors at Dutch universities and academic medical centers are now published in the journals Taylor & Francis and Routledge Open Select (Hybrid) at no cost to researchers. Researchers automatically receive more details about the UNSV agreement when their peer-reviewed paper is accepted for publication. To use the agreement: During the submission process, specify your affiliation as UCL and select the “Read and Publish” option. Corresponding authors from institutions participating in the Bibsam consortium can now publish in open access in Taylor & Francis Open Select (hybrid) journals without having to pay an APC. Learn more about the Bibsam agreement, including the types of eligible items and the institutions covered. This “Read & Publish” agreement with the Qatar National Library means that all articles published in 2019 and 2020 with a corresponding author in an institution in Qatar are eligible for open access publication. This includes work published in fully open access journals, as well as those published in one of the 2,300 Taylor & Francis and Routledge Open Select (Hybrid) journals. See the full list of journals covered by Springer and/or the list of UCL journals in the transformation agreements. Coverage: Articles in almost all hybrid journals by subscription, including the journals IMechE and Royal Society of Medicine. See the list of UCL journals in the transformation agreements and/or this short list of excluded journals.

Taylor & Francis Group and Jisc have signed a three-year transition agreement that combines open access and open access (OA) publications with taylor & Francis Group`s portfolio of journals. This three-year Read & Publish agreement covers the costs of open access publication of articles by corresponding Ohio state authors in Taylor & Francis journals. It also provides the Ohio State University community with ongoing access to Taylor & Francis` collection of more than 2,300 journals. Learn how to publish your research in open access with this agreement with Ohio State University. Coverage: Research and journal articles in almost all OUP subscriptions and fully open access journals. A small number of journals are excluded because they do not offer open access. See the list of UCL journals in the transformation agreements. Library and Learning Resources works with publishers and aggregators to move to open access publishing models where possible, and now participates in several transitional arrangements through Jisc that cover the cost of publishing open access articles as well as library subscription fees. UWTSD does not currently have an open access agreement with Taylor and Francis. The Open Access publishing fee can be found here.

Find out here about our current open access agreements, if you qualify and how you can access the funds. Corresponding authors affiliated with a University of California campus, including the Berkeley Lab, are eligible for a discount on the standard APC to make their work available for free in any open access journal Taylor & Francis, Routledge or Cogent. Learn more about the California Digital Library Agreement and how it works. The agreement includes primary research articles and journals of the following types: letters, articles, journals and special edition articles. How to use the agreement: Use your UCL affiliation and email address when you submit it. This allows the publisher to identify your article as appropriate for the agreement. Transformative journals are subscription-based journals that meet certain criteria and demonstrate their commitment to open access. Transformative journals not included in UCL`s transformation agreements include Cambridge University Press, Nature Research, and some Elsevier journals (including Cell Press). Please note that Nature and SpringerOpen journals are not included in this Agreement. We work with institutions and funders around the world to help researchers publish Gold Open Access in their selected journals. These agreements may allow individual authors to benefit from a discounted Article Publishing Fee (APC) or to publish in open access at no cost to themselves.

Other information: Publisher`s website for the contract. Until the end of 2020, corresponding authors affiliated with the Central European University will be able to publish in open access without having to pay a publication fee for articles (APC). This reading and publishing agreement applies to Taylor & Francis and Routledge Open Select (hybrid) titles that have a standard APC. Coverage: Articles (including perspectives) in AIP subscription journals. See the list of UCL journals in the transformation agreements. These agreements allow academic researchers to publish in selected journals with participating publishers at no additional cost or at a discounted price. Further details on the agreements with each publisher are presented below. * There are caps on some agreements that limit the number of documents that can be made open access. In capped agreements, articles where the corresponding author is an honorary or guest staff member are not eligible unless they recognise funding from the UK Research Councils (UKRI), the Wellcome Trust, the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson`s UK or Versus Arthritis. Restrictions are listed in the details of each agreement below. How to use the agreement: Use your UCL affiliation and email address in the submission form and in your manuscript when you submit it. Please note that in cases where the research is not funded and there is no academic publishing agreement to fund the publication directly in an open access journal (Gold Open Access), we recommend that you alternatively submit your author`s accepted manuscript to the Academic Research Repository (Green Open Access).

This way, your work can be freely available if the published version is only available through a subscription or paywall. For help submitting to our depot, see the Deposit Guide. How to Use the Agreement: When you submit the Agreement, you indicate that you wish to use the Agreement; Enter your UCL email address; and in the Institutional Affiliation section, use the autocorrect feature to map your affiliation to the entry for UCL. In addition, current Taylor & Francis subscription customers are eligible for special rates for journal collections when they sign up for the agreement, which increases the amount of content for their library users while straining their budgets. Cover: Articles in the 26 subscription journals of Thieme`s medical collection and the five subscription journals of the chemistry collection. See the list of UCL journals in the transformation agreements. Coverage: All articles in the 5 journals by subscription: Journal of Endocrinology, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, Endocrine-Related Cancer, European Journal of Endocrinology, Reproduction. See the list of UCL journals in the transformation agreements. Coverage: All articles from the five subscriptions and two full open access journals: Biochemical Journal, Biochemical Society Transactions, Bioscience Reports, Clinical Science, Essays in Biochemistry, Emerging Topics in Life Sciences and Neuronal Signalling. See the list of UCL journals in the transformation agreements.

UWTSD has a Read and Publish agreement with Cambridge University Press that covers research, review articles and rapid communications (RRR), as well as Brief Report and Case Reports article types in all hybrid and gold journals of the CUP Complete Journals Collection. .

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