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Introducing our manufacturers: Stair Rods

3 mins | Carpets | Aug 18, 2021

Who are they?

It’s time for another deep dive into one of our amazing manufacturers. Here at Affordable Flooring Solutions, we want to help you get the most out of your floors. Whether you are looking for a synthetic carpet or stair rods. We only stock and install the very best products. This ensures your floors look great and last for a long time. Let’s look into our high-quality flooring services by starting at the source. In this article, we’re going to be looking deeper into Stair Rods!

Stair Rods have been manufacturing carpet accessories for over thirty years. During this time, they’ve worked on constantly evolving and innovating. This includes developing designs, new products, fittings and finishings. They supply high-quality carpet and flooring products around the world!

They design and craft all of their products in-house. This means the entire process is overseen by the company and perfection is ensured. They have full control over everything that goes on in the manufacturing process. They concentrate entirely on their products. This attention and focus guarantees that they are the finest available anywhere in the world.

Their manufacturing facilities are based in Consett, County Durham, England. There, they have extensive knowledge of polishing and finishing stair rods and carpet door trims. They export on a daily basis, supplying goods for private and commercial installations.


They have a large selection of different flooring accessories- all with a top quality finish. Let’s have a closer look at some of their best products!

Introducing our manufacturers: Stair Rods
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Royale Stair Rods

The Royale range are triangular brass stair rods in a traditional style. They are designed specifically to give your staircase a finishing touch that will get noticed. Suitable for runner stair and fully fitted carpets, they can suit any home. Royale stair rods are made to measure and will give any staircase an imposing, classical look. They come in a range of finishes and designs so there’s plenty to choose from!

Pipe Covers

They have a fantastic range of pipe covers. Pipe covers are used to cover radiator pipes and make them look attractive. The pipes are covered and then blend into the room, rather than standing out as an unattractive eyesore. They come in a range of heights and designs. This means you can find one to perfectly match your floor!

Flooring Trims

This is a great product to really finish off your floor. Flooring trims are used to cover expansion gaps and blend one floor into another. Trims and mouldings cover the gaps between floors, keeping them safe. They can really help bring your property together. Without a flooring trim, a house can feel incomplete. Stair Rods have a wide range of designs that can blend in easily with your floor.

We are so proud to stock and install Stair Rod products. Interested in having a new floor installed? Whether this is synthetic carpet, LVT or laminate. Contact us today for expert advice. We want to help you find the perfect floor and kit it out with all the necessary accessories. Get in touch today to find out more.

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