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Sync Is Disabled. You Must Accept New Apple Terms and Conditions in the Apple Portal

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I have agreed to all the terms and conditions, but the DEP portal does not sync new devices with our MDM server. The last successful login was on September 19 (which in my opinion is the day the new terms were published on the DEP site) the DEP token is valid until May 2020. Once you signed in to and agreed to the new “Terms and Conditions,” the sync was restored and the devices were synced by the Apple DEP service. It seems that everything is working now. After Apple updates one of these agreements, each Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager administrator must log in to the program website to accept the new contracts. You cannot sync with Apple DEP services. The organization has not agreed to the latest program terms and conditions, which only apply to you if you have MDM-managed devices and are using Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, the Device Enrollment Program, or Apple`s Volume Purchase Program. Managed devices can`t sync with Intune until the new Apple terms and conditions are accepted. The Intune service receives a “T_C_NOT_Signed” error from Apple. You may encounter this error or they may soon encounter the error when Apple rolls out the new terms and conditions. I see that you have a problem accepting the terms for new software updates with the Apple Device Enrollment Program.

If you are a Device Enrollment Program agent, you may accept updated Device Enrollment Program contracts by logging in using the link provided here: However, these Terms apply until you accept the new agreements: “In order for you to continue using Apple Deployment Programs, your agent must review and agree to the new Terms.” Apple is currently introducing new terms and conditions (T&C). An IT administrator must agree to these new terms when using Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, Apple Volume Purchase Program, and Device Enrollment Program to ensure that managed devices can continue to communicate with Microsoft Intune or another MDM provider. When Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager asks you to approve new terms and conditions – Apple Support Update Terms for Apple Deployment Programs – Apple Deployment Programs Help Since I am only an administrator of our Apple DEP account, I cannot accept them and I receive the following error message: However, the error or the date of the last synchronization has not changed, if it is resolved, the message will be updated. The person who completes the initial enrollment in the program also agrees to the following terms and conditions on behalf of the enrollment organization: I`m trying to accept the new iOS, MacOS, and TVOS terms and conditions in the Apple Device Enrollment Program portal. It continues to fail with a system error and will not progress further. Does anyone else see something of Ike that? I`m in the old DEP portal and haven`t upgraded to Apple Business Manager yet. Apple DEP syncing stopped a few months ago. Apple sometimes updates the license agreement for macOS, iOS, or tvOS software, often when a new version of the operating system is released. When a software license agreement is updated, an Apple School Manager administrator or an Apple Business Manager administrator must sign in to the program website to review and accept the updated terms. The exact error displayed is: “Synchronization failed: Terms and conditions must be accepted.

Please sign in to the Device Enrollment Program to accept the new terms and conditions on behalf of your organization. If you`re using any of the programs listed, simply sign in to the appropriate URL highlighted in Apple`s support article here: Once you sign in and agree to the new terms and conditions, managed Apple devices will be able to communicate with Apple`s device management servers again. I also suggest reading the following link for more information on accepting the updated terms and conditions: Apple has directly informed us that the customer must have the Apple DEP account, otherwise we would be violating the terms of the Apple DEP account. Given our setup, we now had to send an email to each of our Apple DEP customers to agree to their new account terms and conditions. We recently published the following message in Message Center (which you can also see in the Client Status panel of the Service Status tab in Intune). If you use Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, Apple Volume Purchase Program, or the Device Enrollment Program, you must agree to Apple`s new terms and conditions. If you have any questions about this change, we can try to help you or contact Apple for assistance. You must be a registered user to add a comment. If you have already registered, log in; otherwise, sign up and log in. Hello, this is not helpful.

I can log in to the DEP site with my agent credentials, but the site does not allow me to accept the terms and conditions. Oct 3, 2019 5:23 PM in response to helpdesk33 In response to helpdesk33 You can download a CSV file that contains a list of the serial numbers of the required devices. To add devices to MDM by uploading a CSV file, follow these steps: If you want to automate the user assignment process, enable this option. This allows the user to use their Active Directory credentials and assign the device to themselves during activation. . Hello helpdesk33 and welcome to the Apple Support Communities. This is a different topic and should have been booked in a separate post. Apart from the typo “Registration” > “Registration”.

What does this mean exactly? Do pre-registered DEP devices continue to work as usual? Or does it only affect new devices? Thanks, Peter James MDM Server is now automatically assigned to iOS devices. . Automatically authenticate and assign users when the device is activated. . Make device enrollment with MDM mandatory during initial device setup. When activating the device, you must perform some initial setup steps. With MDM, you can optionally skip the selected steps or skip the configuration altogether. Assuming your organization wants to prevent users from setting up Siri during the setup wizard, you can do so by selecting Siri from the list of configuration settings provided. The list of configuration settings can be found below. This method of adding devices can be chosen when the device is physically close to the IT administrator and can be easily removed. On the Apple DEP Account page, you`ll see “Temporarily Disabled” > updated Terms and Conditions. A little communication would have been nice.

. It looks like no one has answered in a while. To start the conversation all over again, just ask a new question. I was with a client to do an Intune job – when I was browsing the Intune portal, I found some strange things in the Apple DEP section. Enter your details below or click an icon to sign in: Once registration is complete, this person will become an administrator in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager. In Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, this person can also appoint up to four other administrators. You comment with your account. ( Logout / Modification ) The best thing about enrolling in the Apple Device Enrollment Program (Apple DEP) is that after setting up and enrolling with MDM, devices can`t be managed by MDM at all times, even if the device has been reset to factory settings.

This ensures that the user cannot revoke the MDM management of the managed device. Devices assigned to a mobile device management (MDM) server in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager are not affected. If you delete all content and settings from a device, the device is still assigned to the same MDM server and the same settings are applied during installation. MC197208 – Support Tip: Accept Apple`s new terms and conditions to ensure that Intune can communicate with Apple as intended. Sign in to the Apple Deployment Programs website and generate a new DEP token. Then import a new token into your MDM. You can now download the Apple-generated DEP token. You can add devices based on the number of orders your organization places with Apple.

Your organization has an Apple customer id that contains the history of all orders or purchases made. Now, all iOS devices in your company are linked to the DEP profile created with MDM. I am a senior program manager at Microsoft in CxP Intune CAT, technology evangelist and speaker. With an analytical and business perspective and a constant search for the best solution for customers. Co-organizer @ewugdk “Everything Windows User Group Denmark” and speaker. Blog owner: View all posts by Per Larsen. .

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