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Signature Agreement Statement

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Given the College`s promise of sustainability and reduced paper waste and the ease with which the community can share information electronically, there is a growing desire to put agreements and contracts online. Many of these types of documents require signatures, which is why they were collected in the past and kept in paper form. However, after discussing the legality of electronic signatures with our lawyers, we learned that they are a viable option as long as the following conditions are met: the signing process must be designed in such a way as to clearly express the signatory`s intention to sign the document (i.e. the wording and layout must be designed in such a way that: that signatories clearly understand that the application of their electronic signature means that they accept the document). The system must save the signature and attach it (or logically link it) to the stored record of the signed document. These electronic signatures must be kept with the document for at least 2 years or as long as the document is in force. The system in which the information is stored must also be designed in such a way that the document and the associated signature cannot be changed later without the consent of both parties. Since the electronic version of a form document that is displayed for signature can be changed later, a copy of each of the different versions of the document must be stored electronically with the date of the amendment. The electronic signature of a particular version must be stored in such a way that it is attached (or logically linked) to the specific version used at the time of signature.

This should make it possible to retrieve who signed which version of the agreement, if necessary. The system that displays the document to be signed and captures the signature must be installed behind an authentication system so that this system can record exactly who signed the agreement at what time. There must be a clearly defined process on the online form to show your consent to the text displayed (para. B example, check a box, click a button, or enter your own name). . . .

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