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Introducing our manufacturers: Abingdon Flooring

3 mins | Latest News | Aug 14, 2021

Here at Affordable Flooring Solutions, we want to help you find the perfect floor for your home.

To ensure perfection, we stock only the highest quality products from companies that share the same vision and ideals. Not convinced? Well, let’s start at the source of some of the products we stock. By looking deeper into our manufacturers, we can show you how we strive for excellence with our floors!

One of our manufacturers that we are proud to stock is Abingdon Flooring. Let’s dive deeper into what Abingdon are all about and why we stock their amazing products.

Who are they?

Abingdon Flooring is part of the Victoria group which dates back to 1699!

Abingdon Flooring is a British based company with facilities in South Wales, the West Midlands and the North and South of England. They employ a total workforce of over 300 people. They have the capacity to produce over 15 million square metres of carpet every year. That’s enough to get you to Argentina and back!

Like us, they are committed to bringing exceptional products and customer service to every property where their products are installed. Their brands offer a product portfolio second to none. Giving you a choice of style, colour and suitability. They believe that everyone should be able to choose a stylish and comfortable floor- without compromising on price.

The practical performance of their products is constantly tested. Because of this, their Stainfree for Life Guarantee and Wear Warranty programmes are famous. Their sales force, support teams and staff, live and breathe flooring.

They have a centre of development and excellence in their South Wales factory. This provides a state-of-the-art facility for the research and development of carpets.


One of their most popular brands that they manufacture is StainFree carpets. With Stainfree, you get stain protection against all food and drinks. This is backed up with a free lifetime guarantee. The StainFree carpets are designed using the latest fibre technology and stop food and drink spillages from entering the pile. They are also manufactured in Britain, so you know they haven’t crossed the world to get to your property! The StainFree line comes in a huge range of colours and patterns- suiting any home.


Abingdon also manufacture vinyl floors. Their floors are super durable and have built-in slip resistant technology. Because of this, their vinyl floors are great for busy areas like kitchens and dining rooms. Their water-resistant properties also make them a good choice for bathrooms. Their vinyl floors are available in a wide range of colour selections- including natural effects and on trend designs.

We are so proud to stock and install Abingdon floors. Because of the high quality, we can ensure the very best floors are installed to a high standard. Interested in having an Abingdon floor installed in your property? Contact us today to get the perfect floor for your home, and receive expert advice. You can also order a free carpet sample to try out in your home today!

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