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How to look after your conservatory carpet

3 mins | Carpets | Sep 2, 2021

So, you’ve had your brand new, shiny carpet installed into your conservatory. The next question you’re probably thinking is- how do I keep it looking this good? Well, there are actually a few things you can do to help keep your conservatory carpet looking great.

Here at Affordable Flooring Solutions, we want to help you get the most out of your conservatory carpet. Conservatories can be difficult spaces to maintain. This is because of its fluctuating temperature and proximity to the outdoors. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your conservatory carpet looking fresh for years.

Find out how we can install a gorgeous carpet in your conservatory today.

Keep on top of cleaning

Often, conservatories are out of the way or at the back of the house. This means they can frequently be forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. However, in order for your carpet to stay fresh it should be vacuumed at least once a week. Make sure your hoover is on the right setting in order to clean your conservatory carpet efficiently. A good tip is to change your hoover bag and filter regularly as this helps it perform better.

Stop dirt from entering

This is a really simple way to keep your carpets looking great. Conservatories are often the entrance to gardens, and this means there is a high likelihood of dirt being tracked in. Stop the dirt from coming in by having a ‘shoes off’ policy. This also stops dirt from getting tracked through the rest of the house. Having a door mat is also a really simple way to cut down on dirt. This way even little paws will have some dirt cleaned off when they head inside.

Deep clean twice a year

This may seem like a bit of a pain but deep cleaning your carpet twice a year is essential for its maintenance. You can hire out a machine and do it yourself or get professionals to come in and take care of everything. This will help clean out the deeper dirt within your conservatory carpet. Deep cleaning also helps deal with deeper stains or smells. In this way, your carpet can stay looking brand new!

Get rid of stains immediately

Obviously, spills and splashes can happen from time to time and it can be tempting to leave them. However, the best way to keep your carpet looking great is to clean them up as soon as they happen. If a spill is allowed to sit, it can get deeper into the carpet and create a nasty stain.

Blot don’t scrub as you remove the stain or spill to prevent it from spreading further. Mud or chocolate can be removed by scraping it with a knife and then vacuuming.

Conservatories can be the most relaxing place in the house to hang out in and your floor should reflect that! Carpets are a great choice for conservatories as they combine practicality and style. Get in touch to find out how we can install a gorgeous carpet in your conservatory today.

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