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What Floor Works Best With Pets?

According to a survey done in 2020, a whopping 59% of British households own a pet. And pet owners will know all too well the mess our little furry loved ones can cause. Household floors need to be prepared for the paws, claws and spills that come with the joy of having a pet. Do you really need a cream carpet in the bedroom?

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3 mins Aug 4, 2021 Posted in Latest News

Parquet Flooring, Interested in having this style installed in your home?

Parquet floors have a timeless look and are present in many homes. Recently, they have been making a comeback in […]

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3 mins Aug 3, 2021 Posted in Latest News

5 Flooring ideas for your hallway

Often, hallway floors can be overlooked in a house or commercial property. They are transitional spaces that hold a place […]

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3 mins Jul 26, 2021 Posted in Latest News

Top tips for removing unusual carpet stains

Removing carpet stains Oops! We’ve all been there. Just a slip of your coffee mug or an enthusiastic five-year old […]

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3 mins Jun 24, 2021 Posted in Latest News